To A Mother Who Kicks Serious Ass

Yesterday was my mama’s birthday, but I was working all day and didn’t have a chance to sit down and post anything. This is my belated Happy Birthday Mama! post.

How beautiful and adorable is my tiny mom? Seriously, she's the cutest!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my mom. I know a lot of people, especially as they get older and have moved on from those wretched teenage years where they inexplicably hate any and everything about their mothers (sorry, Mom! I still feel terrible about that), will claim that they have the best mom in the world, but they are totally wrong. I have the best mom in the whole wide world.

She is really funny and she gives fantastic advice and I can talk to her about anything. I talk to her on gchat pretty much every single day and she almost always greets me by saying “hi sweetie” and it always makes me feel good and really loved and if I’m having a bad day, it’s the greatest and most wonderful greeting ever. Plus, she’s a really good cook, even though she doesn’t know anything about cooking really, but she’s got this innate Italian ability to just throw a bunch of stuff together in a pan and have it come out tasting wonderful. Except of course when it comes to bread. She always burns bread. She is a fantastically reliable bread burner and always has been. She also consistently falls asleep while watching TV, but when you call her on it, she always says “I’m just resting my eyes,” only you know that’s not true, because she can never tell you what just happened in the show or movie you’ve been watching. It cracks me up every time. She also has really great fashion sense and whenever she gives me clothes as a gift, she always manages to get something that fits me really well and really flatters my body type, but also matches my personal style. She’s kind of an amazing gift giver and whenever she buys sweaters for me, they’re pretty much the most wonderfully soft sweaters I’ve ever felt. It’s awesome. I have a drawer in my dresser full of sweaters that I could just curl up and sleep on, they’re so soft. But she’s also really confident and cares very little about what other people think. She just likes to be comfortable. She has all of these ridiculous pairs of pants that she bought when she and my dad traveled to Ecuador. I’m telling you, these pants are absurd. They’re all brightly colored and striped and if you saw them on anyone else you’d wonder what happened to their red button nose and oversized clown shoes, but on my mom, they just look right and you’re instantly envious of how cute and comfortable she looks. She rocks. My mom rocks. May she continue rocking for many, many birthdays to come.


One thought on “To A Mother Who Kicks Serious Ass

  1. Thank you honey. How sweet of you to post something so wonderful about your dear old mum! My Ecuador pants are the bomb! But it’s true, they are not for everyone. Just ask Liz!

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