Dayenu, Dan

In honor of his 26th birthday today, let me tell you a little bit about my awesome husband Dan!

If he only made me laugh and smile every single day since we first became friends, it would be enough.

And if he only held me tightly and kissed the top of my head whenever I’m feeling sad or frustrated, it would be enough.

But Dan also teaches me all sorts of interesting little factoids about baseball and economics and the intricacies of certain policy decisions and otherwise boring stuff like tax code. I love it because then I get to repeat all this information to other people when Dan isn’t around and it makes me look extra smart.

And Dan doesn’t really enjoy dancing and he isn’t particularly good at it, but I love to dance, so every now and again he’ll grab me and we’ll dance around the kitchen, tripping over each other’s feet and always, always finishing with a little dip as a song comes to its close.

And he does all the things around the house that I don’t like to do, like taking out the garbage, which I absolutely detest doing because it stinks and I hate having to put on shoes before I’ve showered and had some coffee or tea in the morning. Or chopping onions. He always chops onions for me because his contact lenses make it so that onions don’t hurt his eyes, whereas I’d be standing there in the kitchen, knife in hand, bawling like a giant baby.

Oftentimes, during the workday, he’ll send me little emails that will just say, “Hey. I miss you today. How’s your day going?” They always make me smile.

And at night, he lets me stick my ridiculously cold feet between his thighs so that the heat from his skin will warm them up and I know that he actually hates this, but it’s my favorite thing in the whole wide world so he let’s me do it anyway and I totally love him for that.

If he was just plain awesome, it would be enough, but he’s totally rockin’ mega awesome and I love him so much and wish him a very, very happy birthday!



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