In The Zone

Yesterday evening, I gave what may very well be the best massage I’ve ever given. From the moment I started with my opening hold, all the way up to my finishing move, I could just tell that this was a really great massage. I wish it could have been me on the table.

I love it when a massage goes really well, when I feel confident and assured and completely connected to the work I’m doing. There are times when giving a good massage is a bit of a struggle. You really have to be in the right mindset and some days, I just feel tired or worn down. Maybe I’ve done too many massages that day. Maybe I’m PMSing, or I haven’t had a chance to eat and refuel. Maybe my mind just isn’t in it because I have a lot of other stuff going on and, at that moment, I’m having trouble shutting out the rest of my life and just focusing on the muscles beneath my hands. My technique is still strong and the quality is still there, but I’m really having to force myself to be purposeful and attentive and afterward, I feel really worn out. It’s a bit like running, in that way; sometimes a run just feels effortless and amazing, but other times you just can’t seem to find your rhythm.

Yesterday, I was right on beat. It was one of those great massage sessions where my mind and my body just sync up perfectly and all of my strokes are completely effortless and beautifully executed. It’s really freeing when this happens. It’s like running with your body completely loose and relaxed, with perfect efficiency. Like dancing without inhibition, worry free of what the people around you are thinking or saying. I felt completely confident about everything I was doing. There was no wondering what would be the best way to approach a particular area of muscle tension. My body just acted on impulse and intuition and with every movement, I could tell that I had made the right choice. I could just tell the entire time that I was giving a really, really good massage.

The client’s comments after the massage confirmed my feeling. It was a pretty great night and the positive experience has carried through to my mood today. Win, win.


2 thoughts on “In The Zone

  1. Man. I painted a basement wall 5 hrs. each of two days this week. With dry lock, so every little hole in some very porous cement blocks had to be filled. This sounds really, really good. I am jealous of this client!

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