Hey Little Sister

I stole this picture from her facebook page because it really epitomizes what Lizzy is: a fun-loving, goofy, red-eyed demon.

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and I am so bummed that I couldn’t be with her to celebrate. I don’t care all that much about my own birthday, but I get really excited for other people’s birthdays, especially my sister’s because she is my favorite person in the whole world and it’s the anniversary of when she became a part of my life!

Lizzy is hands down the rockinest cat in town and even though we’ve fought a lot over the years and can easily drive each other crazy (hey, that’s just what sisters do), I couldn’t possibly love her more and every time I think about her, I just want to wrap her up in my arms and squeeze her like some cushy, overbearing aunt we never had would do. But she lives in Germany, so there won’t be any painful hugs this year. Liz, consider this a cyber hug. You can’t even breathe, I’m cyber hugging you so hard. Or something else that sounds less dirty.

Lizzy is the most beautiful and incredibly talented person I know. I am envious of how strong and independent she is. I have a tendency to get embarrassed really easily and can be a bit shy, but Liz tells the world to go bite itself and is admirably strong in her convictions.

I like to think that if we could have been together to celebrate her birthday, Lizzy and I would have eaten lots of pasta, had a lot to drink and by the end of the night, bleary-eyed and loopy, we would have shoved whole cupcakes into our mouths while playing a game from our childhood called I Can Make Myself Look Uglier, wherein we sit in front of a mirror and see which one of us can make the uglier face. Miss you, Sis. Happy Birthday.

One thought on “Hey Little Sister

  1. Well thank you Claire! I’m returning your cyber hug with one of my own where I wrap my legs around you can make you carry me around until you pry me loose or I get tired of it. Hope you’re enjoying that! Love you!

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