Dan has been out of town for several days now and the pets are starting to get antsy without him. Last night, the cat slept curled up right next to my head, which is something he never does. Propped against my feet or tucked into the curve of bent knees is usually his preferred position. Rarely does he make his way to the top of the bed, but last night, he spent a good 45 minutes resting in my lap as I watched tv on my computer and then snuggled up on Dan’s empty pillow to purr beside for the rest of the night. It was very surprising.

Don’t get me started on the dog. My goodness is Ty ever acutely aware of something being not exactly right in his world. He is always a bit of a wreck when Dan is gone for any significant length of time. He’ll pace back and forth in the bedroom and can never seem to find a comfortable place to plop down and rest for a bit. He’s constantly getting up and walking over to check on me, or going downstairs to wait by the front door. Whenever the house creaks, he excitedly lifts his heads and scans the room, waiting for Dan to come walking in. I could not get this poor dog to calm down last night. He was crying and pacing and refused to just relax, even after we went out in the cold and wind for a late night walk. He had so much pent-up angst and energy, so I decided to start a game of tug-o-war. Ty can be a very playful dog when he wants to be and my goodness did he feel like being especially playful yesterday. We spent half an hour chasing each other around the TV room and fighting for control of a hand towel until he finally collapsed on the floor with his big, spotted tongue flopping out of his mouth. He was wonderfully content for the rest of the night. When I woke up this morning, Ty came trotting up to me with the towel between his teeth, dropped it right at my feet and looked up at me with a great big smile on his face. Sorry Dan, looks like you’ve been replaced. Ty doesn’t need you anymore; he’s got the towel now.


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