How the insane spend their Friday night.

Somewhere along the line, I decided it would be a fun, and somehow good, idea to rewatch old episodes of Dawson’s Creek (and possibly other WB shows in the future) and do funny, goofy recaps of each episode on my TV blog. Well that batshit crazy, time-wasting idea came to fruition tonight.

My first recap of the show’s pilot episode is up. You don’t have to be a former Dawson’s Creek viewer to get a kick out of these. My recap even had Dan laughing and he hates that stupid show. But if you are someone who used to watch the show, I think you’ll find these recaps to be especially enjoyable. I got a real kick out of going back and watching episodes again now that I’m an adult. This show was freaking ridiculous.

Enjoy! I hope everyone else made far less embarrassing use of their Friday night!

2 thoughts on “How the insane spend their Friday night.

  1. hey, I’m in my late 50’s and I spent my Friday decorating for a “Second Chance Prom” for a bunch of grownups. And it even had a theme. Good grief. I came home and had a very stiff drink.
    Anyway, your recap was a hoot. I remember how much you and Liz loved watching this show.

  2. I definitely enjoyed your commentary on all things Creek related and look forward to reading more of it! You’re so on point with so many aspects of that drama filled show that I used to think was the bee’s knees. Someone spent their time creating a Dawson rolling his eyes clip? HA, love it.

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