On Tradition

Dan and I spent the weekend back in Michigan, celebrating an early Passover Seder with his family. Passover didn’t officially start until last night, but we did a seder on Saturday so that the whole family could be together.

I was sick all weekend with some kind of stomach virus (traveling while sick is tons of fun!), so I didn’t get the full enjoyment of a big meal and multiple glasses of wine, but it was still a nice evening and a good opportunity to catch up with Dan’s family.

Plus, being back in Michigan in mid-April makes me realize that moving to Baltimore is one of the best decisions Dan and I have ever made. It was cold and windy in Ann Arbor while we were there, and the day after we left, it snowed! In Baltimore, everything is in bloom, and even the dreary weather we’re having today is blissful compared to what you get in Michigan this time of year.


2 thoughts on “On Tradition

  1. haha, we’re glad you moved here too! 🙂 ps – love the symbolic Manischewitz photo…our seder table looked pretty similar, except we had 3 of those bottles, ha.

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