Fun Fact

Dan and I are redoing our “backyard” (deck overlooking a concrete slab with a fence around it). We’ve built a two-level half circle stone garden bed and we’re going to have a bunch of herbs and vegetable plants and a ton of bright flowers. We are also going to be placing a bunch of potted plants around the deck, and I decided that I wanted to add a little extra color by spray painting the plain, boring black and beige plastic planters.

I just finished painting all of the pots either blue or a sort of maroon-red and they look pretty great. I managed not to get spray paint all over our concrete or our fence, but I did, of course, get it all over my hands and arms. So I did a quick internet search for how to remove spray paint from your skin and was surprised to learn that the answer is cooking oil. You smear cooking oil over the painted area and it basically bonds with the paint and you can either scrape or rub it off of your skin. It took me a couple of applications to get all of it off, but overall it worked really well and I am pretty much paint free.

So next time you have to spray paint something, be sure to have some cooking oil on hand.


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