Yes, but remember last Saturday?

I am not having a good morning. It is gray and rainy, and I went to bed last night with a chip on my shoulder because the week did not end with the level of celebratory joy and relaxation that I had hoped for. I am battling an overuse injury in my right arm, and it has left me feeling frustrated and a little bit down. I thought some good sleep would bring a sense of renewal and peace, but instead I woke depressed about how cloudy and dreary it is, and annoyed because my house is such a mess right now and I really didn’t want to spend my weekend cleaning.

Such is life, I suppose. Not all Saturdays can be like last week, where it was sunny and gorgeous and we spent the afternoon at the park watching the Kinetic Sculpture Race contestants attempt to advance beyond the obstacle course stage of the race.

The race–featuring enormous, human-powered works of art–runs all through the city. It takes all day. Before the sculptures make their way to Patterson Park, they must first survive the part of the course that runs through a small portion of the harbor. It can’t be easy to design a large-scale structure that cannot only wind its way around the city, but is also amphibious. By the time they’ve completed the water challenge and head to the park, the race field has dwindled considerably.

In Patterson Park, the remaining sculptures must make it across both a sand pit and a mud pit. The area around the mud obstacle was incredibly crowded and we couldn’t really get a good view of what was happening, but watching the sculptures charge full speed to race across the sand was a lot of fun.

This is the only shot I have from the mud challenge, which I got by holding my camera high above my head and hoping I was lucky enough to actually capture something. I was!

It was a really fun event where creativity and community excitement were on full display. I loved the fans who dressed up in silly costumes and hats to cheer on all the contestants.

Once all the sculptures had the opportunity to complete the obstacle course, those who made it through gathered at the top of the park to begin the final stretch of the race through downtown and back to the Visionary Arts Museum.


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