I am having one of those days where I feel completely uninspired. It might have something to do with the back pain I’m experiencing. I woke up with an intense and unwavering pain on my left side, pressed right up against the inside edge of my shoulder blade. I’ve tried everything I can think of to release or ease the tension, but short of having Dan press the point of his elbow right down on the spot when he gets home this evening, I’m out of ideas but have felt very little relief. This is a frustrating way to start the week. I always worry that a slow, unproductive Monday sets a really bad tone for the week, and I’m not happy that things are getting off to this kind of start.

I keep sitting down to do some writing, but am having a lot of trouble transferring ideas from my head to the page. I might have to just give up on it for the day and spend the rest of the afternoon reading, or perhaps curled into a ball and rocking back and forth while I whine about the pain in shoulder. Either way.

I think tomorrow I’ll sit down and actually set up a schedule of writing exercises. Maybe if I have some very specific, directed exercises to do I’ll be able to break myself of this current block before it gets out of hand.


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  1. This is scary, how much you are like your father. He is having the same exact pain, but on the right side. And of course, you know well about his issues with putting ideas on paper. Crazy. I hope your back and your week improve. I rubbed some of that topical pain relief stuff under his shoulder blade after trying to massage it in my untutored way. It did seem to offer him some relief. You might try it, as long as you don’t mind smelling like eucalyptus.

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