Garden Update

Dan and I spent the long weekend fixing up our back patio. We washed and stained the deck, stained all of our deck furniture, tidied up the garden and cleaned up all of the random stuff that we store outside because we don’t have room for it in our either of our house’s two small closets. It was a lot of hard work in boiling hot weather, and I ended up with a ridiculous sunburn. We still have a few things that we need to finish up, including building a new stone bed so that we can plant a small tree, and finding some kind of storage locker or small shed to house all of our odds and ends, but I’m really happy with the improvements we’ve made so far. It would be really nice if we could get a couple of cooler nights so we can enjoy eating dinner outside on the deck.

Before this, the deck wood was completely unfinished, and after two years of snow, rain and harsh sun, it was starting to look pretty worn. I love the new, darker color!

We’re going to get a storage locker for all the stuff against the back fence and the plan is to put a small tree on the right side, and use the two sides of our chuppah (the large, branch structures propped against the fence) as trellises to grow some nice flowering vines as a backdrop for the tree.

While I am not exactly thrilled about our rather sudden and extreme heat wave, the vegetable plants are loving it! I had to move a bunch of our flowers to the other side of the bed because the squash and cucumbers were crowding them out.

Check out all the little summer squashes that are popping up!

The cucumbers aren’t growing quite as fast as the squash, but they’re on their way.

And talk about loving the heat! Our tomatoes are going to be ready to eat before too long.

In fact, the whole Topsy Turvy has managed to survive the sudden heat. I’m hoping the peppers start busting out pretty soon.


3 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Love what you’ve done back there! So many great veggies…i’m jealous of your tomato fiesta! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling ok and the sunburn’s healing.

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