I can feel myself getting sick–my throat is tender and I’ve got a headache that will not diminish–which is immensely disappointing because it is such a nice day. I’m sure that sounds kind of silly, but I really hate being sick when the weather is good. And today is a pretty good weather day. The sun is bright blue. The sky is not skin-meltingly hot. There’s a soft, constant breeze. It makes me yearn for fall–a troubling feeling when we haven’t even reached August. This has been an exhausting summer, full of too much work and frustration, and nothing that has felt even remotely like an actual vacation. Add in the ridiculous heat we’ve had a couple of times already this summer, and you’ve got three months of feeling tired and sticky. I am desperately ready for sweaters and apples, and football. And I am desperately ready to disappear somewhere for a week, and do nothing but sleep in late, watch lots of movies and drink craft beer.


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  1. When you decide where you’re going to partake in sleeping late, watching movies and drinking craft beer all while wearing a sweater, please let me know. I may just up and join you… 🙂

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