Boots {Fall Fashion Essentials}


Keeping with my Monday theme of “boy am I ever ready for fall,” I’m going to be doing some posts about fall fashion. Fall is my favorite time of year for clothes, because I love long sleeves and scarves and cardigans and boots. Everything I own for fall is just so comfortable and flattering. I’m looking forward to going out and grabbing a few key items (nothing too extravagant; don’t worry, Dan!) for the new season. One thing I would really like to get is a taller pair of boots. I have a pair of brown boots that I absolutely love. They are so incredibly comfortable. The leather is really soft and there is just a small heel, which is great for keeping my pants from dragging along the floor, but not so high that my feet are ever sore because of it. They only come to a little bit above my ankle, though, and I would really like a pair that is a little longer so that I can tuck my jeans into them, or wear them with the couple of cute fall skirts I own. I am much more of a brown shoe gal. I own a pair of dressy-ish black boots, because sometimes you just need black shoes; but I much prefer the more casual, laid-back look of brown leather.

Some of these have a bit more heel than I’d be comfortable wearing, but I included them here for reference. I definitely prefer a little bit of a lift, but I’d probably opt for completely flat over more than inch or so of heel. My childhood in Texas must be affecting my judgment, because I’m kind of loving the idea of those cowboy boots!

{Prices listed as found on Zappos. Clockwise from top left:}

Blowfish Brandi  $89

Roper Slouch  $75

Michael Antonio Halpern, in Cognac  $69

Madden Girl Hinge  $62.96 (currently on sale)

Report Earling  $100

Madden Girl Sanguine  $69.95

Dolce Vita Georgia  $310.50  (of course these would have to be my favorite of the bunch.)

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