Roly Poly

No, not the sandwich place that only sells wraps.

The Roly Poly is an awesome new technology that can help people connect across miles and oceans, with just a simple touch.


“Roly Poly is fashioned like an egg and is conveniently small to be kept anywhere – be it your bedside table or the table at your office. It comes in pair; so that you keep one Roly Poly with you while your friend or any member of the family keeps the other. All you or your beloved need to do is to touch the Roly Poly with a finger. The one at the other end reacts instantly and rocks.”

Can you just imagine what it would feel like to be sitting at your desk, far away from the person you love, when suddenly, you’re little egg tips forward and rocks back and forth and you know that across the world, your loved one is thinking of you at that very moment? It is such a small act, but I can image how incredibly comforting that would be.

I want to buy a pair for me and my sister and paint our faces on them. That way, when she’s hard at work, studying at her desk way over there in Germany, she’ll look up to see my eggy face bobbing back and forth.

{via gizmo watch}

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