Morning Stroll

{Blue Gingham Camp Shirt by Old Navy}


Dan is taking a much-needed and well deserved day off today (though, as I type this, he is sitting at his computer taking care of a few quick work things. So it’s not totally a work-free day, but close enough). Since my massage therapy practice has been very successful the past couple of weeks, and I already have many appointments booked for the weeks to come, I am joining him in a carefree day of rest and leisure.

We slept in late this morning. Then we took the dog for a long walk into Fells Point, where we picked up iced coffees and egg and cheese bagel sandwiches from the Daily Grind. They have this great doggy door where you can go to order coffee and food if you have a canine with you and thus cannot go inside to order. I wish more places had something like that.

We took our food and drinks and sat down by the water. It was sunny and quite warm by the time we were settled, but it was nice to be outdoors, and to know that we didn’t have anywhere we needed to be or things we had to do. We just sat for a bit, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. We have both been so busy lately that we haven’t had much opportunity to just talk about our lives and our futures, and the crazy state of the world these days.

We’ve spent the rest of the day in a combination of cleaning, getting a little work done, and watching TV. Tonight, we’re planning to head somewhere for happy hour, and then we might go see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. This wouldn’t normally be my first choice, but hey, people really seem to love it and it’s Dan’s day off and that’s what he wants to see. I’m just so happy that we get to spend a rare Friday afternoon together that I’m up for doing anything. Bring on the apes.


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