Star Trek: A Half-Assed Movie Review, Two Years Too Late

Last night DT and I watched Star Trek (2009) on Netflix Instant, because you know, whatever. It was fine. Certainly not the greatest thing ever, but enjoyable enough. I feel like it probably works best to either know nothing about Star Trek, or to know a lot or at least a good bit about Star Trek. My Star Trek knowledge consists of a vague familiarity with characters and actors that appeared in the show, and I found that I spent most of the movie just trying to match the characters to the actors who made them famous. At one point I asked DT who was supposed to be Patrick Stewart, only to learn that was a totally different Star Trek or whatever.

Also, DT and I couldn’t for the life of us figure why they decided to have Kirk and Kirk’s father played by the same actor. It was really confusing at first, because I was like, “wait, this is the same dude. But it’s supposed to be the son? Did the guy actually die in that first scene? What the hell is going on?” Such a strange choice, we thought. They really should have just found two actors who look really similar. Well after it’s over we look it up on IMDB and it turns out yeah, that’s exactly what the did. WTF? Why does the guy from Thor look exactly fucking like some dude I’ve never heard of who is also named Chris? My mind was blown.

The best part of the evening came when I was confused about something in the movie and asked DT to clarify it, figuring he’d know because he used to watch Star Trek. He didn’t have an answer for me, though.

“I thought you knew a lot about Star Wars,” I said.

“I do,” he replied. “This is Star Trek.”

It was not my smartest moment.


2 thoughts on “Star Trek: A Half-Assed Movie Review, Two Years Too Late

  1. Claire, we are the same person when it comes to our knowledge of Star Wars/Trek! I constantly think each one is the same as the other. You at least attempted to watch one of them and for that I give you so much credit. Haha.

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