Important Ideas That I Should Try To Remember

“It took me until my 40s to realize it: There’s no destination. There’s no getting anywhere. There’s just the going. The key to life is to make the going really fun. Because people that are like, ‘If I just get to this, then boom!’ And then they get there and there’s this dawning of an afterwards. Whereas I’m just always in the going. And it’s not a frantic going like, ‘I gotta keep going or I’m gonna go nuts!’ I can not do anything for weeks or months if I need to and just sit and read books or watch movies. I’m just as fine consuming and absorbing new art as I am trying to make it. But it’s all in the going.”

Patton Oswalt.


One thought on “Important Ideas That I Should Try To Remember

  1. What a perfectly stated theme to remember…days go so quickly. I try to find at least one awesome thing about each day, no matter what. If it’s raining, I enjoy how productive I feel even if it’s just doing laundry around the house and how delicious a warm beverage is in hand as I sit on the couch. If nothing else, snuggling with Riese makes me ALWAYS appreciate the “going” part of that day. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that quote!!

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