Sister, Sister

I took this photograph yesterday while messing around with the functions on my iPad. I didn’t really think much of it until I looked at it again this morning and realized how much it reminds of me of a self portrait piece that my sister did back when she was in high school.

I love that in both my photograph and her picture, our heads look slightly distorted and oversized. I love that we both have our chins propped on our hands and, though you can’t see it in my photo, we’re each resting the weight of our giant heads on our bent elbows. I’ve seen this piece of my sister’s artwork–one of my favorites she’s ever done–a zillion times, but it wasn’t specifically in my mind when I took that photograph. Lizzy is back to living oh so far away in Germany, and I find that it comforts me to know that no matter how much time and distance passes between us, there will always be these little moments where I am reminded of just how close we are. I look at this photo of myself, and I see my sister. So often, I look at picture of her, and it could easily be me staring back.


3 thoughts on “Sister, Sister

  1. Aww, SO cool – your sister is so talented! I’m convinced sisters have a 6th sense that allows moments like these to happen. I literally started dialing my sister on speed dial the other night only to have that interrupted by her calling ME, ha.

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