Same Old Tricks, Brand New Kicks

Though it be a cold and dreary Monday, I find myself in rather high spirits, for today has yielded me a veritable bounty of new shoes. And my goodness was I ever in desperate need of new shoes!

There are some women who have entire closets devoted to shoes. There are women for whom shoes are a means of self expression, carefully selected to convey a specific tone and message in combination with a chosen outfit. I am not these kind of women. I tend to buy one pair of shoes for each season every couple of years and wear them down until the shoes feel like they’re rebelling against my feet and start begging me to just give up and throw them out. That’s about where I was with all of my shoes. My running shoes were so worn down that every time I went running, I came home with an aching back and injured knees. My only pair of flats that could be worn with both pants and skirts/dresses were worn down at the heels and the fabric inside had long ago torn away.

It was definitely time to say goodbye to my old shoes…

and hello to these beauties!

On left are my new hiking shoes, and the right are new running shoes.


A new pair of flats for everyday use

And a dressier pair in a fun, bright color!


One thought on “Same Old Tricks, Brand New Kicks

  1. Yay! They finally arrived! I love the colors of the UA sneaks and the fun, shiny new flats you got – woo hoo, enjoy wearing them! 🙂

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