Beautiful Day

It couldn’t be more perfectly gorgeous outside. It is sunny, but not too hot. There’s a fabulous, blustery fall breeze, but it’s not too cold. The sky is blue and the ground is not wet, and it is really just the perfect day.

I kicked off my morning with a good breakfast and a little bit of housework, and then I settled in on the couch with a big mug of coffee and A Woman In Jerusalem, the book I’m currently reading for my random library pickem’ (I’ll write more about this book when I’m done reading it. So far it is…interesting).

After that, I caught up on one of the tv shows I missed last night because I was too busy listening to the Tigers blow Game 4 so that now they have to head back to New York and win there in order to win the ALDS (urrgggghhhhh! Come on, Tigers. You’re stressing me out!). It’s that new show with Zooey Deschanel, New Girl. The verdict is still out for whether or not I find it sort of funny and playful, or if Deschanel just annoys the living hell out of me, but I thought last night’s episode was the best of the three I’ve seen so far. Perhaps it’s the beginning of an upward trend. I’ll probably keep watching for a few more weeks to find out.

Speaking of trends, when I was all done with cleaning up the house and wasting time on TV, I packed up all of my GRE study material, and Ty and I headed to the park to enjoy the breeze and sunshine while reading up on data analysis and standard deviations.

I don’t know if it was the beautiful weather, or the fact that I kinda sorta remember standard deviation stuff from my sophomore year statistics class, but the studying went really well and I’m beginning to feel like I might be able to make math my bitch after all. Take that, math! You don’t own me! You don’t even know me, but now I’m starting to sort of know you. So there. My plan is to finish up my review of math by the end of this week, then spend some time this weekend taking a diagnostic test to determine which specific areas of the GRE I should spend more time on. Then it’s just practice test after practice test until it’s time for me to take the real thing in November. Yikes.

When I was all studied out and Ty had chased more than his fair share of squirrels, we came home to find Maggs snuggled up on the couch where he has camped out from the moment the weather turned cold.

I have one client to see this evening and some other quick business-related stuff to attend to, but other than that, I plan to spend the rest of my day doing some combination of a short run, a little more studying and relaxing on the couch with my book in one hand and some chai tea in the other. Sounds like a perfect fall evening. This is why I love this season.


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