A Day At The Farm (Part 1)

Dan spent most of the past week in and out of airports, while I spent most of it firmly planted on the bottom end of the feelings spectrum. Needless to say, when the weekend forecast called for sunny, beautiful fall days, we were determined to get outside and soak up a bit of the gorgeous weather. When we woke up Saturday morning to brilliant sunshine and bright blue skies, we were absolutely pumped for a day of apple and pumpkin picking, followed by a nice hike through Patapsco Valley State Park.

After a quick breakfast and morning dog walk, we filled a backpack with water and trail snacks, laced up our hiking boots and headed first to Larriland Farm (thanks to my friend Naomi for the recommendation!) to load up on apples, broccoli, swiss chard and a pumpkin for Halloween.

By the time we reached the farm, the sky had turned from blue to gray, and the beautiful sunshine was replaced with cold, damp air. Not the optimal conditions for a day of apple picking, but we tried not to let it crush our spirits. We warmed up with a cup of hot cider and some apple fritters, then headed off to the apple orchard to pick Granny Smith and Enterprise apples.

It was a busy day on the farm! Lots of apples had been knocked to the ground, and the Enterprise trees in particular did not offer a wealth of delicious looking fruit, but we managed to find enough gems to make an apple pie and still have plenty left over for eating.

Up next…

We search the pumpkin patch, chop some broccoli, and warm up with a tasty homemade soup.

2 thoughts on “A Day At The Farm (Part 1)

  1. Yay! I’m glad you had success and I’m super jealous of your granny smith loot – those are my favorite kind and we always go early in the season before they’re really ready. Mmmm, homemade apple pie is the best!

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