We’ve Gone Too Far

A while ago I started a site that was meant as place for me to publish essays and reviews and pieces of writing that were a little more serious or politically charged than what I normally post here. Not that I’m against posting that stuff on this blog, but I’m fairly particular when it comes to organizing my stuff and it would feel weird to have posts of me going on about how Paul Ryan can shove his head up his own ass and just die interspersed with cute photos of my dog. I’m not like super into the whole positive and negative human energies stuff, but I’d like to see this blog as more of a space to talk about my life and focus on fun, positive things. So I created a different space for more angsty topics and general venting or pontificating. I even posted a short piece about how Anthony Bourdain is a total asshat (you know, because Anthony Bourdain is a total asshat. I don’t find your shtick impressive, Mr. Bourdain), as well as a second post about how it has become impossible not to feel like a total crazy person in the world today with people applauding Rick Perry for his outrageous number of prisoner executions and other ridiculous shit like that. But apparently the Internet wasn’t ready for that post, because it basically broke the site I had created and flooded the comments with really weird spam and somehow turned the text of the post into those weird Wingding fonts or whatever the hell those are. I basically shut the whole thing down, tried to clean everything out and finally just said screw it and got rid of my first two posts and just figured it would have to be the world’s loss for not getting to hear my inspiring thoughts on those two topics.

I’ve got the site back up and running now with a brand new post that I’m hoping doesn’t open the flood gates to whatever crazy demon nonsense was going on before. It’s a short navel-gazing post about depression and life and how Baltimore falls somewhere between Michigan and Texas on the badness of winter spectrum. Check it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about.



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