I have been an organization machine lately! It all started when it came time to pull our coats and cold weather clothes out of storage. I took one look at the state of our (very small) closets and all the crap I had shoved under our bed over the years and was just like,

It wasn’t good, and the thought of being cooped up all winter with overflowing closets and nowhere left to shove any new items the holidays may bestow upon us made me feel like I might just lose my mind. (I may be a touch neurotic.)

I started with the closets and things have progressed from there to a full on house clean up, greatly aided by the addition of our new “coffee table” which is actually a bitching trunk with lots of storage space! By the end of the year, I’m hoping to have every room in the house organized as best as I can. Impending winter always makes me very aware of how small our cozy little rowhouse really is.

One of the important changes I made when organizing the closets was to remove an entire shelf to make room for larger hanging items. But that meant I had this extra shelf lying around and needed to find a place to store it. The whole point was to create more space, and now here I was trying to figure out how to shove an entire unused shelf into the back of the closet. I remembered seeing on Pinterest a bunch of ideas for organizing jewelry and realized that this would be a great way to put the extra shelf to use. (Apologies for the quality of the photos in this post. I took these pictures at night and my camera was not loving the light in my bedroom.)

I have tons of awesome and pretty artsy earrings and necklaces, and this is a great way to make them all readily accessible and add an extra pop of color and interest to our bedroom.

I set the shelf up in a corner next to our mirror and hung my earrings, necklaces and small purses on it. The corner had previously been occupied by a couple of small shelving units to hold all of my lotions and cosmetics, hair stuff, all that junk you use on a daily basis to get ready for living. They weren’t particularly nice pieces of furniture, though, and I decided that they could be put to better use as additional clothes storage in one of the closets, essentially replacing the closet shelf with more vertical, rather than horizontal shelving. The shelving units worked perfectly in the closet, but that left me without a place to store my items of daily use.

I solved this problem by converting our very temporary coffee table into more of a bedside table. My sister and I originally put this table together a couple of years ago after the Tigers had made a run for the World Series.

It’s gotten pretty worn down by this point and is now just a sad reminder of squandered opportunities (we’ll win it next year). I took some paint we had left over from when we painted a bunch of rooms in our house, and used that to give the table a bit of a face lift and help it better match the bedroom decor.

I threw all of my regularly used items into baskets and placed those, and some decorative jewelry boxes (now holding things like extra buttons and bobby pins) on the table, which I set up beneath the mirror.

I stacked some books between the table and the jewelry shelf to provide a little extra support for when my incredibly mischievous cat inevitably attempts to knock the shelf down. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. To think that it all came out of needing to find a place for a superfluous shelf!


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  1. I love it!! I’m super jealous of the idea of using a shelf like that as an earring/necklace storage rack so they’re all easily visible. All of my earrings are in a tiny jewelry box that’s a mess to sort through each day – nice work!

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