Morning Thoughts


It has really been unseasonably warm here. Highs in the 60s today, highs in the 60s again tomorrow. It has been sunny and breezy and positively springlike. While I’m absolutely loving it, it also has me a bit worried that we’ll either get hit with some really bad weather in February, or temperatures will just keep going up and by the middle of summer we’ll feel like our skin is on fire and we’ll all melt into one giant pool of sweat.

The good weather has left me feeling a bit restless, really. It’s like my body knows that this is the time of year when I should be hibernating and keeping a low profile, but the sunny days make me want to go outside, to run and be super productive. I’m sort of caught somewhere in the middle of these two and rather than feeling comfortable and cozy, or awake and energized, I’m mostly just incapable of getting a good night’s sleep and am never really sure what would be the best way to spend my daytime hours. I feel like I am both relaxing too much and not relaxing enough, which is confusing and troublesome. But I’m trying to just roll with it and find some sort of balance that adequately feeds both sides of my current psyche. Longer walks with the dog and more outdoor runs to take advantage of the good weather; cups of tea, good books and some art projects for the house to create a feeling of hibernation. I should have my most recent craft project finished within the next couple of days and will post some pictures here.

For now I am off to fold some laundry, take Ty for a nice walk, and then stretch out my poor aching back before heading off to my dreaded spa job this afternoon. My plans for the week are to do a few more house projects during the hours when I don’t have clients, find some tasty looking recipes to try out over the next week or so, including making my own granola, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and finally finish up my 2011 tax stuff so that I can just be done with and fully concentrate on the new year. I feel like things are going to start picking up pretty soon and I really need to get that stupid tax stuff out of the way. The Super Bowl is this weekend, Dan and I will be attending a fancy event for his office at the end of next week, and then before you know it February will be over, Dan’s parents will be coming to visit in March, we’ll be devoting hours to watching college basketball and then BAM, it’s April which is already shaping up to be one of the busiest months of my life.

Now that I really think about what lies ahead in the coming months, hibernation is starting to look more and more appealing!



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