Hanging Out In My Bedroom

I love having exposed brick walls. They are so low maintenance. No painting. No worries about scratching them up when you move furniture. They are, all by themselves, an interesting visual element in a room. But they can also be a bit of a pain when it comes to hanging artwork because you have to be careful not to destroy the brick when you put in nails or screws. And if you don’t have one really big piece to fill up the center of the wall, artwork can end up looking a bit out of place and like too much of an afterthought. This was the problem we were having in our bedroom. The exposed brick is great and I love it there, but I also wanted something there to contrast with it, and we didn’t really have anything that looked right on that wall. All of our pieces felt too heavy for the brick, or too small and silly looking for the visual space. Enter Problem Solver Claire (in no way affiliated with your local news Problem Solvers)!

I took a bunch of prints that Dan had purchased long ago from the Detroit Institute of Art, as well as some pages from a calendar of Germany architecture and landscapes, and used them to add a bit of artwork to our brick wall.

Not wanting to put a bunch of holes in the wall, I decided to have them hang from the molding and just dangle in front of the wall.

Each piece is held up by a small binder clip that I attached to string that was then wrapped and tied around a push pin that I stuck into the underside of the molding.

I love how it turned out. The prints add a nice pop of color to the room and brighten up that wall quite a bit. Plus, if we ever get tired of looking at these particular images or decided we wanted to replace them with photographs or other pictures, we can easily remove these prints from the binder clips and snap in some new ones!

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