New Addition

No, no, no. This is not a post announcing that Dan and I are having a baby. It’s a post announcing that we got a new side table! Isn’t that exciting? It may not be life changing news, but it has definitely made a big difference to one corner of our dining room.

A while back we bought a Groupon to Nouveau Contemporary Goods, a way too expensive and for the most part too funky for our taste furniture store in Belvedere Square. For $50 we got $200 worth of furniture. This weekend we cashed it in and got this terrific little side table and the lamp pictured here.

It is the perfect addition to our new dining room setup. Now I have the perfect spot to sit down with a good book and a mug of tea! And I can already picture my dad getting much use out of this little seating area when my parents come to visit in April–he spends most of the downtime during visits reading and dozing off while taking notes in the margins of his books.


Dan and I are extremely happy with our purchase. With this new addition, the dining room finally feels complete.

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