Full Sized

It was an incredibly busy weekend in our house. I’m exhausted and my entire body, but especially my shoulders and forearms are insanely sore. We spent most of the day on both Saturday and Sunday lifting and moving heavy furniture and boxes.  We sold two small couches that had overstayed their welcome in our house. One was taking up too much space in the guest room/study/holding place for all the stuff we don’t actively use, a room that will become my sister’s bedroom for two-plus months this summer while she does an internship in Baltimore! And the other was our main couch in the living room on which Dan and I would uncomfortably squeeze together each night to watch tv and whine about how badly we needed a larger couch. So out with the old, tiny couches and in with a new, much larger, super comfortable couch!

We also purchased a new bed frame that comes with a headboard and everything! I have been wanting to get a real bed for years now, and we finally have one. We don’t have a new mattress yet, but at least we can say goodbye to the crappy metal platform that has been our bed for the last 5 years. I am very excited to put the frame together and see how it transform our bedroom.

We also started putting together the new wardrobe we purchased to better store all the junk that is currently taking up space in our junk-storing room. Once we have that up and everything nicely organized inside, all we’ll need is a futon and my sister’s future squatter’s room will be good to go.

Dan’s parents are coming to visit next weekend for the first time in about a year and a half. We were joking that our place will basically be unrecognizable to them. Since they were last here, we have painted four rooms, changed out old crappy furniture with nice new furniture, and rearranged several rooms. To be honest, I can’t even remember what our house looked like or exactly how it was organized during their last visit. I’m excited for them to come and see all the big and little improvements we’ve made.

This May, we will have been in this house for three years and I am happy to say that it has slowly, but finally started to come together and really reflect our style and our needs. It is comfortable and brightly colored, and a place that I am happy and proud to call my home.

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