Being Elmo

Elmo wasn’t really a big deal when I was a kid. I think I’m just old enough to have missed out on the Elmo insanity. I liked Grover and Cookie Monster. Fozzie Bear was my favorite Muppet. In fact, I always kind of thought Elmo was irritating, with his high-pitched voice and all that “love” nonsense. But last weekend, on a very gray and rainy Saturday morning, Dan and I watched the documentary “Being Elmo” and I think I get it now.

This movie is absolutely delightful. Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who plays Elmo, seems so genuine and so happy to be doing what he does each day, to have achieved his childhood dream. It warmed my cold, cold heart and made me realize that the greatness of Elmo is his goodness. He really is all about spreading love and making people happy. And in a world where it seems like people are increasingly trying to hold each other back and tear each other down, a little bit of love and an awful lot of hugs might be exactly what we need.

{Being Elmo is available on Netflix Instant. Go watch it!}


3 thoughts on “Being Elmo

  1. Ooh I’d like to see this one. The idea that there is a person there under the muppet, that is kept out of the shot, always seemed a little creepy to me. This movie certainly looks like it would change that feeling though.

    • Nah, it’s still a little creepy. I liked the shots where there are a bunch of Muppets singing together and they pan out and all of these big adult humans are crouching together on the ground. It looks so uncomfortable.

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