It’s Been A While…

The last time I posted about our back patio garden, things looked basically like this:


One side was completed with a nice raised stone flower bed, and our deck was beautifully stained and adorned with potted plants. But the other side was a mess. We needed a place to store all the random garden items and other junk that had built up over the years. We still weren’t sure what to do with the old wooden flower bed, so we just left if for a year, an eyesore in our otherwise pleasant backyard. Each summer brings a renewed sense of energy, though, and this year we decided to just grit our teeth and get the job done.

The constant heat we’ve been suffering through for the past few weeks has kept the patio from being a truly pleasant place to sit out in the evenings with the grill going and a glass of wine in hand, but once it starts to drop below 90 degrees at night, I think we’re really going to enjoy the finished product that has been three years in the making.

We added a storage bin that also doubles as seating. We bought a couple of outdoor cushions so that we can use it has a bench.


We also added a glider bench and positioned the side pieces of our wedding chuppah on either side. Flowering ivy grows along our neighbor’s fence each summer and creeps its way through the slats in our fence each year. We’re going to train it to snake through the chuppah pieces to create a pretty canopy surrounding the glider.


This year our flower bed is full of tomato plants and other vegetables. They are loving the heat!


And all of our herbs are equally pleased.


We had our inaugural backyard barbecue on Wednesday to celebrate July 4th, and despite the heat, it was a great success. All of the additional seating is definitely a huge plus. I can’t wait for more summer grilling, and hopefully a few pleasant, breezy evenings so that we can really make the most of our hard work!

One thought on “It’s Been A While…

  1. Your garden and backyard look amazing! It is a real testament to your green thumb and watering prowess that your plants are doing so well in all this heat.

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