Two Thousand Thirteen

On my block, 2013 began with a man standing in the middle of the street, beating a turtle with a stick while his girlfriend and children screamed and cried around him. Happy New Year. Try to top that.

I don’t really do resolutions because I find that my inability to stick to things, coupled with my amazing skill for beating myself up for even the smallest failures makes resolving to do something a losing endeavor. I’ve actually been a little reluctant to look forward at all because 2012 was a pretty great year for me, and 2013 stands to be quite a bit more stressful, unpredictable and probably quite frustrating at times. We’ve got some big changes on the horizon (no, I’m not pregnant).

The only things I’m going to actually resolve to do this year are to keep an open mind, remain optimistic and remember that every year comes to an end and you get a chance to start over again and make the next one better if need be. Whatever 2013 brings, it’s only 365 days and I’m planning on spending pretty much all of today watching football, so let’s go ahead and call it 364. Bring it on. I’m ready.

Although I don’t make resolutions, I do have things that I hope will happen, that I’d like to try to do. Like a list of good thoughts and desires that I will release into the ether and wait for them to return to me in some tangible, recognizable way throughout the year.

-To read lots of fabulous books. I read some really amazing stuff in 2012 and I’d like that trend to continue. I’m pretty set up for a good start with both The Revolution Was Televised and This Is How You Lose Her given to me as Christmas gifts, but if you have any recommendations please send them my way.

-To be productive, but patient in my creative pursuits. This year I will be working on a book with a friend of mine and I’m determined to follow the plan I’ve created and push myself to work hard on this project, but I also recognize that sometimes life gets in the way and I have to be willing to give myself the space to recoup and relax when necessary.

-To run a lot, winter be damned.

-To find a way to spend more time communicating with my sister, because the hardest change in 2013 is going to be not having the three months of living together that I got in 2012. I miss you every day, Lizzy.

-To continue to grow my business. I had an incredible year in 2012 and I want to continue that trend and improve even more. I have some big ideas for how to continue branching out that I’m hoping to implement sometime in the year to come.

-To save up a little each month to put toward a vacation. Probably not the vacation I would like to take, depending on what happens with some of our bigger changes this year, but a vacation all the same. Everyone needs a vacation now and then. I took a bunch of wonderful trips in 2012, so I’m fine only doing one or two small, fairly local weekend sojourns in 2013, but I’m determined to get out of the house and out into nature and venture to places I’ve never been before. I want to eat hoagies and grinders. I want to live Marge. Why won’t you let me live?

-To focus on the positive. Whatever, I’m a dork. A lot of bad shit happened in 2012 and I spent a good portion of the year feeling ragey and irate and honestly, it didn’t seem to make a bit of difference. I’m not going to close my eyes to the kind of dangerous nonsense that makes me jump on my high horse to begin with, but I’m going to try to balance that out a bit more by focusing on and writing about the things I really enjoy or am pleasantly surprised by this year.

Happy New Year, everyone. May 2013 be a year of great success and joy.


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