Time For Turkish Coffee

I’ve already posted a picture of the beautiful flowers that Dan gave me for our anniversary, but I wanted to share the second half of my gift because it just arrived in the mail yesterday.

While my sister was living in Germany, she and her boyfriend traveled to Turkey for an absolutely gorgeous and relaxing vacation (if the pictures from their trip are any indication!). One of the things she brought back for me and Dan was a package of Turkish coffee. She gave it to us as a Christmas gift and I was very excited to enjoy it immediately, but as it turns out, Turkish coffee cannot be made like regular coffee, and we unfortunately did not have the appropriate equipment to make a pot. A Turkish coffee pot became one of those things that Dan and I kept saying we needed to pick up, but inevitably put off buying for months and months.

Well the wait has ended! Dan bought me a gorgeous Turkish coffee set, and an extra thing of Turkish coffee that we can use when we run of the kind my sister gave us. I’m very excited to try it out and sip out of these teeny, tiny cups.

Taking the photos of my new gift made me realize that I never shared some of the stuff I got for my birthday back in April. I got all sorts of wonderful little goodies, but two of my favorite, and most regularly used items are both fantastic bags.

This bag came courtesy of my M&D and was handmade in Paris. Ooh la la. It is made of canvas and is double layered and all sorts of sewing terminology that I don’t know, which is wonderful because this is the bag I use for all of my everyday toting around, and I tote a lot of stuff. I often joke that my bag is like the magical one Hermione carries in Harry Potter, from which she pulls enormous tents and various evil-fighting instruments. My stuff isn’t exactly enchanted, but I carry a lot of crap and need a good way to house all of it. I have ripped through many a bag in my day, so I told my mama that I needed a good strong bag that had a bunch of pockets on the inside so that I didn’t have to dig all the way to the bottom to find my keys or chapstick. I love this bag. It is really comfortable to carry and so far I haven’t had any trouble fitting the zillions of items I stuffed in there.

The second bag is from my sister. Yes, she of the Turkish coffee fame. This was handmade by Lizzy specifically so that I could carry groceries in it, but I think it would work really well as a regular tote too.  I love this bag! This is probably the greatest bag I have ever owned. The colors are fantastic, the fabric is really nice. It’s nice and thick on the bottom so I’m never worried that my groceries will be too heavy and break through. And it is really comfortable to carry. It has a nice, thick strap, that comfortably fits across my body and makes it very easy for me to walk the 2ish miles from the grocery store back to my house without any pain or struggle.

I keep telling her that she should open her own online arts and crafts store, and this bag has convinced me that I’m absolutely right about that.